Rumor Control: Dark Chocolate is Good for Dental Health

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There are many myths out there regarding dental health, In this edition of dental rumor control, we tackle the topic of dark chocolate. Is it really good for your teeth?

Everyone knows that pretty much all candy contains sugar, and chocolate does too. So, if sugar is one of the worst substances for dental health, this one is a no-brainer. But if you’re choosing between the different types of chocolate: milk, dark, white, etc., “real” dark chocolate does have the least amount of sugar and some actually beneficial ingredients, more so than the other types.

That is the key point to take from this debate. Dark chocolate, which is 70% cocoa, is much better for your teeth than those others that have sweeteners like sugar and milk.In fact, raw chocolate is the overall best choice because it is less processed and keeps the antioxidants. Of course, all chocolate is rich in calories, so moderation is always good advice.

The benefits of real dark chocolate are these:

-Polyphenols: Natural chemicals that limit oral bacteria, prevent it some sugars and acids, and neutralize the microorganisms that cause bad breath
-Epicatechin: A plant-based antioxidant that slows tooth decay.
-Tannin: Keeps bacteria from sticking to teeth.
-Antioxidants: The high amounts in dark chocolate are good for your overall body health, and fight periodontal (gum) disease.

So, the bottom line is this. When you crave a bit of chocolate, dark is the best kind for your oral health.

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