Oral Health Services: Oral Emergencies

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Have you ever planned for oral emergencies? For example, never to use sharp tools when removing objects that are stuck in your mouth. In addition, applying gauze can help stop bleeding in the event of an open wound caused by biting your lip or tongue. Furthermore, the modification of a few seconds with an oral injury and the selections you make or do not make could be the difference between a speedy and successful recovery or an extensive and painful one.

Your oral health services guide for oral emergency treatments features the following attributes:

– If you suffer a cracked tooth due to blunt trauma or similar issue, wash the area with clean water and apply a gauze pad to minimize bleeding.
– If a dental crown or dental filling is knocked out, cover the affected tooth in your mouth with chewing gum if it had a filling, and a cotton swab if it had a crown.
– If you have a tooth dislocated, soak the loose tooth in a liquid substance to keep it moist, as it may be possible for your dentist to save the tooth.
– If you bite your lip or tongue, rinse the affected area with clean water and cover with a gauze pad until it stops bleeding.

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