If You Have a Modest-Sized Cavity, You May Need a Dental Filling

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You may find that times that even the most consistent and dedicated oral hygiene routine can’t prevent the development of a cavity on one or more of your teeth. If you notice suspicious changes such as a new texture in your tooth or persistent dental pain, we encourage you to have your tooth examined as soon possible. Timely dental treatment can prevent a small problem from developing into a highly invasive issue. A cavity that has been detected early enough and is still a modest size on the surface of the tooth enamel may be able to be repaired with a basic dental filling.

Our dentist begins treating cavities by gently numbing the surrounding area and then removing any of the tooth enamel that has been decayed so that they can provide a clean, healthy surface for the new dental filling.

We can provide both amalgam and composite dental fillings, both of which can be applied in as little as one dental appointment. Dr. Prince Arrington III recommends dental filling material depending on the tooth’s primary purpose and where it appears in your smile.

If you suspect that you are suffering from a cavity that has developed in your smile, contact Beach Tree Dental Care at 561-440-4633 today to speak with our team about receiving a dental filling in Boca Raton, Florida.