There may be times when it is necessary to re-cement dental crowns, bridges, and implant crown and bridges, since these restorative dental treatments do not last forever. When this becomes an urgent need, we understand you want to fix it promptly. Contacting our dentists, Dr. Prince Arrington III and Dr. Anurupa Singh Roy, will ensure you not only get the best possible treatment, but swift care and attention to your needs. Call us at 561-440-4633 and let Beach Tree Dental Care be your emergency contact with our dentists.

While your restorative dentistry is meant to last many years, if not a lifetime, you may need to visit the dentist for an adjustment if the restoration has come loose due to physical trauma, periodontal disease, or the natural wear and tear of time. A dislodged, broken, or ill-fitting prosthesis can be uncomfortable and unsafe for your smile, as bacteria can accumulate in the cracks and gaps of the synthetic appliance and invade the natural tooth or bone structure beneath.

If your dental work is in need of repair, contact Beach Tree Dental Care today. Drs. Prince Arrington III and Anurupa Singh Roy can quickly recement a prosthesis in Boca Raton, Florida, restoring your smile and allowing you to continue on with your day. You are welcome to contact us with any concerns about the integrity of your prosthesis and your surrounding smile.