Dental pulp and tooth nerve infections can cause serious discomfort and swelling. To postpone the need for root canal treatment, our dentist may perform pupal debridement on the affected tooth. Contact Dr. Prince Arrington III and Dr. Anurupa Singh Roy at 561-440-4633 for thorough and prompt emergency care at Beach Tree Dental Care.

When dental infection reaches the nerves of a tooth, the area can swell up, become inflamed, and cause pain and pressure each time you bite down on that tooth. Dental extraction or root canal treatment is commonly recommended to treat dental infection. However, our dentists can keep your tooth healthier longer with a dental debridement procedure.

Also known as pulpectomy, this endodontic treatment can alleviate discomfort and inflammation by removing a small amount of infected tissue from the tooth. This leaves room for the remaining pulp to expand, reducing the pressure in the tooth. While dental debridement is not a permanent solution to dental infection, it can postpone the need for a root canal procedure.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a dental infection, we encourage you to seek dental treatment immediately to preserve your tooth. Come visit our dentists at Beach Tree Dental Care for a consultation to learn if pupal debridement in Boca Raton, Florida, is right for you.