Bad Breath Basics

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Bad breath (aka Halitosis) is a side effect of potentially many culprits the most obvious of which is poor oral hygiene. Other candidates can be dry mouth due to medications, infections of the mouth or respiratory system, gastrointestinal and digestive issues, systemic diseases like diabetes, and unhealthy habits such as smoking.


Odors from bad breath differ, depending on their origin. There are those who obsess on the smell of their breath without cause, while others are unaware that they even have bad breath. Since it is difficult to know whether or not you yourself have halitosis, ask someone you feel comfortable with to confirm your fears.


Making positive changes in your oral hygiene habits may fix the problem. Brushing your teeth and tongue after eating, flossing, and staying hydrated by drinking more water during the day are some of the logical and easy habits to try first.


If you still have problematic breath odor, you should consult a dentists. they may refer you to a specialist if they believes that you may have a more serious problem that is causing the offending smell.


Follow the tips below if you are going to the dentist to have an evaluation:


– Most dentists normally prefer setting appointments in the morning for testing bad breath because it removes the chance that the foods you are eating during the day will be a factor.


– Fast before your appointment, or at least don’t eat for 3 hours prior to your visit.


– Don’t wear anything that might mask your breath odor. Things like perfume, cologne and any type of scented lotion could hamper the assessment.


– Tell your dentist if you are taking any medications. they may want to schedule the appointment at a later date to ensure that these are not the issue.


Dr. Prince Arrington III would be delighted to see you for evaluation. If you have any questions, please contact us at: 561-440-4633, or come in for testing at Beach Tree Dental Care  in Boca Raton, Florida.