What to Expect On Your First Visit

During your initial visit at Dental Urgent Care, your dental care needs will be assessed and a treatment plan will be determined. This initial visit will be conducted by Dr. Prince Arrington III and could take up to 90 minutes depending on the nature of the evaluation.

Don’t forget to:

  1. Allow extra time for traffic in the Boca Raton area.
  2. Arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment time.
  3. Bring photo ID and insurance cards if applicable.
  4. Bring the names and dosages of medications the patient is taking.

Dental Urgent Care takes your privacy very seriously. We provide the following HIPPA documentation for your review.

Plan ahead for your dental care visit

Dental Urgent Care is unable to provide child care during a patient’s treatment, and children cannot accompany a patient into the treatment areas, so please consider child care before you arrive at your appointment.

Upon accepting an agreeable treatment plan, you will meet with our financial coordinator to discuss payment and insurance options.

Health History and Consent Forms

When you arrive to your first visit at Dental Urgent Care, you will be asked to complete our Patient History and Consent Form, a printed packet of informational pages and consent forms.

Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment time to allow enough time to complete this requirement and ask any questions you may have.

It is the policy of Dental Urgent Care not to proceed with any treatment until the rationale, alternatives, and expected outcome, including any material risks of the proposed treatment, are fully explained and understood by the patient. Because this information is essential to moving ahead with your treatment, the patient (or parent/guardian) will be asked to sign a consent form. Children or adolescents under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian must remain in the waiting room at all times while the child/adolescent is being treated.

The Standards of Care have been developed and approved by Dental Urgent Care. These basic standards serve as guidelines by which Dental Urgent Care provides dental care to patients, and are measured at various points by our practice administrators.

  1. A patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI) will be securely maintained and protected in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  2. Each patient will receive Dental Urgent Care packaged consent forms and Patient Bill of Rights at their initial visit.
  3. An informed consent will be obtained from, or on behalf of, the patient or their legal guardian prior to initiating dental treatment.
  4. Efforts will be made to ensure that patients are satisfied with treatment received.
  5. Providers will comply with standard precautions as outlined in Dental Urgent Care’s Exposure Control Plan.
  6. Emergency basic life support care will be available to individuals at Dental Urgent Care.
  7. A medical and dental history will be maintained as part of the evaluation of each patient.
  8. Patients requesting comprehensive care will receive a comprehensive oral examination and an individualized risk assessment.
  9. A proposed dental treatment plan and financial plan will be reviewed and approved by the patient, or their legal guardian prior to initiating dental treatment.
  10. An entry in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) describing patient findings, treatment provided, and diagnostic tests/records obtained will be completed by the provider for each patient visit.
  11. Emergency dental services will be available during scheduled office hours, and after office hours at Dental Urgent Care.
  12. Patients seeking emergency care during office hours may receive a problem-focused examination and evaluation.
  13. Patients receiving comprehensive care will be provided with the opportunity to receive periodic recall evaluations during and following completion of treatment.
  14. The quality and timeliness of patient care will be continuously monitored and interventions will be developed and tracked as appropriate.
  15. A dental emergency is an urgent dental problem, usually associated with the teeth and jaws, which may have symptoms that require immediate attention by a dentist. For example, a severe dental infection, a visible swelling, or a recent dental trauma are all considered emergency problems that require prompt, professional attention.
  16. If you are a patient of Dental Urgent Care and are having an unexpected dental emergency, please call (561) 440-4633, 8:00am to 8:00pm.
  17. Dental Urgent Care offers a limited dental evaluation for our patients with dental emergencies. We strive to provide the best service to patients who have dental emergencies. Emergency care is focused on alleviating the signs and symptoms of dental pain. Follow-up care after your emergency visit is always recommended, and usually required.
  18. Adult patients' seeking emergency dental care who are not active patients at Dental Urgent Care may be seen for care by appointment. We begin accepting emergency care patients at 8:00 a.m., Monday-Sunday. Patients are seen by appointment only.
  19. If you have a dental emergency during non-business hours (after hours, weekends, or holidays) please call (561) 440-4633 to speak to our appointment coordinator.
  20. If you are experiencing a severe facial or oral trauma, please seek immediate emergency care at a hospital emergency room.
  21. Dental Urgent Care has an established fee schedule for our emergency services. Most major PPO plans, major credit cards, and cash payments are accepted. Payment arrangements must be made prior to receiving services.
  22. For more information regarding insurance and payments, please visit Payment Options and Fees or call (561) 440-4633, Monday through Sunday 8am - 8:00pm to speak with our financial coordinator.
  23. We are happy to answer your billing questions, call our financial coordinator at (561) 440-4633.
  24. Call to schedule an appointment at (561) 440-4633.
  25. Dental Urgent Care offers a number of convenient options to pay for your new dental treatment. We work with many insurance carriers and may submit your dental insurance claims to your insurance company. You are ultimately responsible for all treatment provided at Dental Urgent Care. You are required to pay all deductibles and co-payments prior to treatment and will be billed for the balance due after your insurance makes payment or denies your claim(s). We recommend that you contact your insurance company for clarification of your benefits since we are unable to interpret your insurance benefits. You are responsible for payment arrangements, and making timely monthly payments.
  26. We are happy to talk about your account - call to talk with our financial coordinator at (561) 440-4633.
  27. Review our list of some of the insurance plans we accept. If you have specific questions about your benefits, please contact your insurance company or your employer.
  28. Payment is expected for all treatment rendered by Dental Urgent Care at the time of service, including an exam or radiograph. However, once a treatment plan has been established, payment arrangements may be made.
  29. Thank you for choosing Dental Urgent Care for your dental care.

  30. We make every effort to provide the best treatment possible to our patients and to meet or exceed the profession’s standards of care.
  31. Dental Urgent Care fosters a humanistic environment of mutual respect and trust with its delivery of patient care. This culture is supported by open communication, emphasizing empowerment, cooperation, collaboration, and strengthening relationships among all members of the Boca community.
  32. Dental Urgent Care provides patients with dental care appropriate in the contemporary techniques of dentistry, regardless of race, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnic or national origin.
  33. The mission of Dental Urgent Care includes providing comprehensive and emergency care to a diverse patient population emphasizing health promotion and disease prevention. At the same time, doctors are prepared to provide treatment that meets the individual needs of the patient using the best scientific evidence available. Your doctor or dental hygienist relies on your commitment to your treatment plan so you will have the best dental care possible. Treatment here, which starts with your first appointment, will meet or exceed the standard of care of the dental medicine profession. Care is provided in accordance with Dental Urgent Care’s Standards of Care, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  34. Patients are seen by appointment only on Monday, 8:00am -8:00pm, Tuesday 8:00am- 12:00 noon. Weekends, Saturday and Sunday, 8:00am - 4:00pm.
  35. Ask about our cash discounts and promotions on selected services.
  36. Dental Urgent Care believes in the philosophy of comprehensive care. It is a safe and recommended method of oral health treatment for most patients. At least one alternative to your ideal treatment plan (if applicable) will be suggested along with its benefits, risks, and prognosis.