Rave Reviews

This picture says it all.  I was one happy patient after being treated by Dr. Arrington on an urgent basis.  I believe that I would have died if I had to have gone through the weekend with the pain I was experiencing.  Dr. Arrington is the most professional, caring, and dedicated dentist that I have ever been to.  One of his overarching tenets is that dentistry doesn't have to be painful.  And indeed, he took such time and care in delivering the anethestic that I didn't even feel the needle, or any other pain associated with my procedure.  The front office is so easy to deal with, and the costs are provided up-front so there are no surprises afterwards.  Without hesitation or reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Arrington and Dental UrgentCare to anyone needing emergency after-hours dental care.   


Dr. Arrington is wonderful. He provides excellent professional service, always friendly and puts your mind at ease when conducting all procedures! I recommend anyone in need of a dentist to visit Dr. Arrington. 


Dr. Arrington

I would like to say thank you to you and your staff. A job well done. You fixed my smile and I enjoy smiling everyday all day. Also, my emergency dental work was fixed very promptly without any long delays or lengthly appointments. You are the best!!

Thank you,

Dr. Arrington was the best dentist I'd seen while he practiced in North Carolina. I became his patient around the age of ten years old. I was very frightened of a dentist because of my past experiences. But, after a few visits, I was able to become comfortable over time. He's extremely caring and passionate with his work and patients. North Carolina lost an awesome Dentist but, Florida gained the BEST!

Thank you,
Deshea (Dede)

"During my vacation, I experienced some increased sensitivity when I would have cold drinks and decided to visit Dental Urgent Care. The location of Dental Urgent Care made things easy, he is not far from the beach and his office is right off the highway. Dr. Arrington and his office staff were amazing. I did not have any trouble making an appointment. Upon my arrival, the wait was minimal and my examination was thorough.

Dr. Arrington gave me his recommendations to alleviate my pain as well as ways to improve my preventative care so that I don't experience any further problems. He has over 30 years of experience and it is reflected in the care for his patients. I would recommend anyone that has a dental emergency to make an appointment at Dental Urgent Care. You will not be disappointed and you will definitely feel better."
"I am tickled pink with the service I received at Dental Urgent Care this Saturday so much so that I am taking time to write this review before I go out. I knocked my incisor tooth nearly out due to an accident riding my bike. It was barely still in and I thought for sure it would have to be lost. Since my dentist was closed an internet search led me to Dr. Arrington. He had me come right in and he saved my tooth. He provided the most professional service I have ever received from any dentist. He was so gentle and really took a lot of time explaining what I needed to save my tooth. They didn't take my insurance but gave me the paperwork to make it easy for me to file for reimbursement with my insurance company myself. It was worth paying up front to save my tooth. Dental Urgent Care is the best."
Beth Aycock
"Thank you so much for taking care of my dental emergency. I called a bunch of other places on the Internet that said they had weekend hours but nobody answered the phone. I am so glad that you answered for me. Not only did you get me out of pain but I received the best dental care I have ever had in my life."
"I have nothing but rave reviews about the service I received from Dr. Prince Arrington at Dental Urgent Care in Boca. Just as important to me as my actual treatment is the fact that Dr. Arrington treated me with extraordinary kindness and patience. I’m terrified of going to the dentist. Dr. Arrington truly understood my fear and made sure I was completely comfortable. I didn’t feel any pain from anything he did. Anyone with a dental emergency should immediately call Dental Urgent Care in Boca. You don’t have to wait, they don’t hurt you, they’re prices are reasonable, and they treat you like family."
Dorothy Freeman
"I give Dental Urgent Care a 5-plus rating. The worst toothache ever had by anyone caused me to search out a dentist on Sunday. I called a bunch of dentists listed on the internet as providing weekend hours but they were all closed. Then Dental Urgent Care answered my call and told me to come right in. I’m really glad all those other offices were closed because that’s why I found Dr. Arrington. He is the best dentist I have ever been to by a mile. He was so gentle, caring, patient, and professional. He showed me x-rays of my tooth, and explained the cause of my pain, and my options. I would have learned a lot more in school if my teachers had been this good. He was able to save my tooth by performing a root canal. Some of my friends have talked about the pain they experienced in getting a root canal, so I was scared. But I didn’t feel a thing. These are the reasons Dental Urgent Care earns a 5-plus rating. "
Brittany Wells
"I would like to offer my sincere appreciation for Dr. Arrington and his front office personnel, Amelia. After a painful complication due to a procedure performed at another dentist's office, I found that that dentist's office was not responsive on their after-hours emergency line. Luckily, Dr. Arrington's office answered and I was able to make a same day appointment. I received more education and compassion regarding my dental condition from Dr. Arrington and Amelia than I did from my own dentist and his staff. I highly recommend Dr. Arrington. I wish I could switch to him for my routine dental care, but unfortunately I live too far away."
"After being treated on an emergency basis by Dr. Arrington, I can personally attest to his promptness, high level of expertise, and the amount of time and attention he pays to making sure you understand your dental condition. His office is modern, staff is professional and courteous, fees are up-front and reasonable, and patients aren't piled up on one another waiting long periods of time. I give Dental Urgent Care my highest recommendation on all levels. I just wish they provided continuing care."
"I had been treated by a number of dentists before I found Dr. Arrington over 20 years ago. He is simply the best I have ever known. He takes a whole lot of time explaining what you need, the way he gives anesthesia is completely painless, and I have never had another problem with anything he has ever done for me. I highly recommend him at Dental Urgent Care to anyone in need of emergency treatment. You will not receive better or more compassionate treatment anywhere."
Jeff Davis
"I woke up on Sunday morning with my head about to explode from a toothache. This was the emergency of all emergencies. I called and was told to come right in. After x-rays and an exam Dr. Arrington informed me that I had a severely abscessed front tooth. He explained my options and how much each would cost up front. He got me out of pain, removed the tooth, fixed me up with a temporary flipper on the spot and sent me along my way looking like nothing had ever been wrong. And I never felt a thing. I highly recommend Dr. Arrington and Dental Urgent Care to anyone with dental pain. Everyone in the office is so courteous and professional, and seem to really care about me as a person. Their prices are reasonable, there are no surprises after services are provided, and nothing was rushed."
Ernest L.
"I am one of those people that had never experienced anything positive when it came to going to the dentist. I had a very bad experience with a root canal. I went to see Dr Arrington to have him check over some dental work I had gotten by another dentist. I felt a scratchy surface on my front tooth and I had gone to my dentist twice to have it shaved down and the feeling kept coming back. He was very knowledgeable about everything that was done to me and assured me that everything was ok with my tooth even with my doubts. He took his time explainig what I was experiencing and I didnt feel rushed or like I was being a bother to him. He examined my mouth, took x-rays and even touched up a filing on another tooth.

The office was very nice and had a feeling of home. Nice decor and current magazines and tv to watch while you waited. The staff was very pleasant and professional.
I would recommend him to anyone. If you have a dental phobia like me I can't express enough how relaxed that office and the staff along with Dr Arrington made me feel.

It made me feel great to have a follow up call as well to make sure things were going ok. Kudos to him and his staff "
C Rheu
"Dr. Arrington has provided me with high quality professional dental services for years. He is very knowledgeable of his patients and will go the extra mile to ensure that you are comfortable and that all your needs are met while in his care. He takes the time to provide detail information about your dental care and treatment so that you are able to maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums. He is awesome at what he does!!!"
Niya Robinson